“When you consider the increase in resources here that’s gaining momentum, as more and more mine workers relocate to fill the many positions available, there’s no better way to get your money’s worth in advertising when reaching out to so many people over such a vast region,” he said. Want to know more about Paradise Advertising and how it can help you get the message about your business out to a wide cross-section of people see the company’s website.But is that your reality? For Mitch, it definitely is!According to Mitch, Queensland has become in recent times an ever growing state, with a population that’s increasing exponentially. “One of the reasons why we are so effective without outdoor advertising campaigns,” said Mitch, “stems from our meticulous investigation of the market, our discriminating approach sourcing independent, extensive, and reliable research to help us understand just how effective billboard advertising is,” Mitch said. “Although many companies were battered by Cyclone Yasi, it was important to their survival that their messages got out to the world that they were still open for business,” noted Mitch. In recent times, two of their more successful billboard advertising campaigns - aimed at helping the local communities of North Queensland who were affected by Cyclone Yasi in February - have been running to direct business into these areas.Therefore, Mitch maintains that outdoor advertising is an excellent medium for businesses to promote their products and services to this expanding workforce. Outdoor advertising is a Dining Chairs Manufacturers in China one of the most cost-effective ways to target large areas or regions within Queensland, declares head of Paradise Outdoor Advertising in Queensland, Mitch James.


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